Records: Cat’s Eyes “Cat’s Eyes”

Side projects may usually be seen as vanity projects or mere diversions from their members main careers, but this one deserves a different approach, if only because its music is so damm seductive.
Consisting of Faris Badwan (The Horrors) and Rachel Zeffira (an opera singer from Canada), Cat’s Eyes is mostly a nod to 1950’s and 60’s pop, but subverted by much more sinister and claustrophic tones. Think Nancy Sinatra doing guest-vocals to My Blooody Valentine, while soundtracking italian-movies with supervision of Phil Spector, and you get an idea. So yes, what we have here is full of contrasts, but still… what takes it apart from your average boy-girl duo? Mostly the fact that those disparate elements are blended so well, creating a sound that is, in equal parts, both beautiful and haunting, twisting expectations from song to song, while maintaining a very-strong and coherent focus.
The fact that one of their first live performance was in a church (!) in the Vatican (!!) says more than you would first suspect. Sure, there’s something transcendent in their music that probably seemed to make sense to the priests allowing that performance. But there’s mostly a subversive aspect about the whole thing, and one can only imagine the grin on their faces when performing something so intensely dark as “Face In The Crowd” or “Sooner Or Later”, looking around, and seeing where they were. “The goths have taken over”. (8/10)



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