Records: Jamie Foxx “Best Night Of My Life”

Let’s be honest here: Jamie Foxx must be used to having nights that are much more interesting than what you, me, or 99,9% of the world will ever have. So the prospect of being able to take part in the best night of his life… that surely sounds like quite an experience, to say the least, doesn’t it? Well, following the title by the letter, this album raises the curtain in what a superstar’s fun night is like. And what do you know? It’s actually not that different from the common mortal’s.
Best Night Of My Life starts with mid-tempo jams that are just perfect to soundtrack private parties in luxury mansions, surrounded by some sexy people. But by the second half, the tempo tones down, while the temperature actually gets higher. So that means it’s that time of the evening when you leave the party behind and surreptitiously go upstairs, ending up on a stranger’s bed with the hottest guy/girl in the room.
Which is to say that you can actually identify with what you’re hearing and use this album as a soundtrack to a home-made party of yours. Because, even if with less luxury involved, the script may turn out to be quite similar. And the fact that it all ends with “Sex On The Beach” is literally an added bonus to what was already a very special night. (7,5/10)



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