Tracks + Videos: Japayork “After Life”

Japayork is one of our favorite new musicians here at A First Class Riot. He first burst into the music scene with 2010’s Our Now and rocketed some months after with Teenagers (probably one of the best songs to play on a saturday night out if you ask this writer). On top of that he doesn’t seem to sit still in one city, playing gigs just about everywhere from London pubs to Hugo Boss parties in Moscow. That’s the way to do it isn’t it? And with such incredible material popping-up on everyone’s radar it’s no surprise that  his debut album is long-awaited. But hey, while that doesn’t materialize (it will), there’s a new song for us to enjoy called “After Life” and it is mighty good. Even if the lyrics seem sad (a bit of a reality-check lesson on letting go everything you’re holding in) it’s hard not to want to get your old Atari games out and gather all your friends while you play this song.



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