Records: Theophilus London “Lovers Holiday EP”

While we’re waiting for that debut album to finally come, and after 3 mixtapes that were really THAT good, here’s another release to build up the hype a bit more: a 5-song EP that confirms everything we already knew about Theophilus London. And what would that be, you may ask? Basically that – besides being a very-stylish rapper – he’s capable of turning hip-hop on its head and blending it with some eighties futuristic R&B and some more eighties indie pop. And Lovers Holiday couldn’t really be a better showcase for his talents. Add to the mix the sparkling synths, bouncing bass lines and infectious choruses, and you have the aural equivalent of a cute smile in your face. Like someone said, it’s as if Prince and Kid Cudi had a baby, and that baby grew up listening to a lot of Morrissey. And that’s your lesson in the art of procreation for today, kids. (7/10)



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