Tracks + Videos: Nicki Minaj “Super Bass” + “Did It On ‘Em”

Like ir or not, Nicki Minaj has been pretty much omnipresent for some time now, be it with a couple of mixtapes that were the true definition of awesomeness (Beam Me Up Scotty, It’s Barbie Bitch!); a guest-rap that eclipsed everything else in a certain album (Monster, featured in Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy); a full-length debut that was a bit of a disappointment to some people expecting less singing, but which still included more than a handful of great pop songs (Pink Friday); or appearances in basically every awards show there is out there. Keeping on with this trend, she has recently released not one but two videos, each representing a very specific side of her eclectic persona.
Super Bass is the sweet Nicki, with cute lyrics and sugar-candy synths that give way to an ecstatic and ultra-catchy chorus. The video suits the song to utter perfection, creating a colorful fantasy world that incorporates some elements of weirdness inside, making it a good showcase to what she has been all about. The result? Another hit.

Maybe to counterpart all this sugar-high overload, a video for fan-favorite Did It On ‘Em has just been released, featuring some rare images from her concerts edited with even rarer backstage shots – oh look, there’s Drake! And Lil’ Wayne! And and… But this time the real treat in here is the song itself, with Nicki giving wings to her raw and bitchy attitude. The result? At least some immortal lines: If i had a dick, I would pull it out and piss on ’em; I’m the terminator bitch; or This stone is flawless. We’re tempted to agree on that one.



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