Rewind: D’Angelo “Voodoo” (2000)

Only 3 weeks into the year 2000 and the u.f.o of that decade had already arrived. And if the common opinion when Voodoo first came out was already that its music seemed to belong to another universe, the future would prove it right in more ways than first imagined: as it turned out, what D’Angelo achieved in here was really too much and impossible to repeat.
Aiming to take into new extremes the “neo-soul” tag first attached to him with his debut album (1995’s Brown Sugar), D’Angelo actually came out with something so intense that even himself couldn’t bare it. And it’s telling that after Voodoo hit the stores, he ended up losing his confidence and entered a sabbatical period that still lasts today. Truth is, in all its intensity, this record could only become an unique moment, impossible to overcome: like a mystical experience to be held once-in-a-lifetime, this was an act of exorcism in a contained form, music turning inwards in a tension-build-up fashion that only actually exploded in the song whose iconic video can be revived below.



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