Tracks + Videos: ROMANCE, band on the radar

ROMANCE is a british band formed by Jamie Lovatt, Samantha Valentine, Alexander Glover and David Woods. Their dark sound, made by angular guitar riffs, tribal drummings, spooky bass lines and howling soulful vocals, seems to take different cues from punk, goth and blues tinged rock sensibilities. What sets them apart from the rest of the bands is that they seem to have a good ear for melodies and aren’t caught up in creating experimental rock music for the sake of it. Already featured on the NME as pioneers of the imminent ‘gloom-pop’ movement, the band is also catching everyone’s eye because of their sharp and distinctive fashion sense and have already been shot by Hedi Slimane (the photographer/designer whose interest for the British indie rock scene started a whole movement in fashion during the last decade). They describe their sound as cabaret-rock and, as for their name, frontman Jamie Lovatt explains “It took us a long time to find a name we were happy with, I think it’s quite a difficult decision for any band to make. But ROMANCE sort of says it all. Romance can affect someone, it affects your life. The word means so many things to so many people. It brings connotations of love, lust, excitement, an all consuming power”. Check their song “Another Place” below for a taste of things to come on their debut album, scheduled to be released later this year.



2 responses to “Tracks + Videos: ROMANCE, band on the radar

  1. of course i instantly clicked on this post, attracted by the image. good fashion (and photo), they’re beautiful. but why is it necessary to invent a new trend/sub-genre – gloom-pop – when it’s nothing more than reloading remixing redoing? what pioneers, dear NME? i used to say i don’t care if it reminds me of other artists as long as it sounds good, because nobody invents new sounds anymore. but don’t feed me (and i’m not saying this to you, of course, but generally) big words like pioneering and revelation, cause i won’t swallow them. we could listen to some billy idol and pretend Romance already released their album 🙂

    p.s. a little typo – Slimane (- ‘i’)


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