Tracks + Videos: Robyn “Call Your Girlfriend”

Robyn’s music is the purest form of pop there could be – catchy and mostly fun -, but there’s always been something that makes her a bit of an outsider, like a feeling of displacement which perhaps comes from her Scandinavian roots. Or maybe the twist is much simpler: she’s just too honest and her songs are loaded with so much raw and genuine sentiment that we end up feeling disarmed when dealing with them. Heartbreaking could be the word. Either way, she really is on a league of her own, with all the attributes to become a superstar but also maintaining her own peculiar individuality. And while her songs are mostly dancefloor-oriented, she is always able to lend that unique “Robyn-touch” to any Hi-NRG club track, transforming it into an over-emotional and highly personal anthem.
Her new video for Call Your Girlfriend (“it’s time you had the talk”, she says) is the best showroom there could be for everything written before. Technically, this could be mostly just an exercise in virtuous camera directing: shot in a singular take, we have nothing more than Robyn dancing in an empty auditorium equipped with a banging light system. But then comes her own singularity again: she really has an unique way of moving, with all those air-punching gestures and frantic freestyle choreographies, and the energy and delivery she puts into it is so huge that once again, you can’t help but feel disarmed and slightly touched by it. And perhaps you may even experience an uncontainable will to just go and hug her tight.



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