Tracks + Videos: Florence and The Machine: “Not Fade Away”

It seems so long since we got to hear new music from Florence and The Machine! A new album is being recorded right now and singer Florence Welch is already hinting in interviews that this record will be mainly inspired by her own dark metaphors and dreams. But here’s a pleasant surprise to keep us going before we get to hear those recordings: a new track set to appear in Rave On, a Buddy Holly tribute album. The song she chose to cover is called Not Fade Away  and Welch’s own spin on it brings a great bluesy rock vibe to the track that suits her voice perfectly (think Girl With One Eye from Lungs). The video was shot in New Orleans and there’s a southern mysticism feeling to it, with scenes shot in graveyards, street bands disguised as skeletons and Florence herself performing in full skull make-up. In the end, this might just be the perfect appetizer for the darkness she’s about to unfold on her next musical venture.



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