Tracks + Videos: Nicola Roberts “Beat Of My Drum”

A former member of Girls Aloud, Nicola Roberts is now giving her first steps into a solo career and, with her debut single + video, things look incredibly promising. Produced by none other than Diplo with the help of Dimitri Tikovoi, Beat Of My Drum is a little pop miracle, in that it manages to sound completely fresh and new, while maintaining an universal appeal that everyone with an ear and the will to have fun is going to, well, L.O.V.E. And to better understand its brilliance, one just has to hear the way those wacky rhythms and cool spoken verses give way to an infectiously silly chorus straight out of cheerleading heaven. And to top things off even more, the video suits the song to utter perfection: an unpretentious affair loaded with crazy choreographies, fast-pacing editing, fun dancing scenes and even the cutest hand signs. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s pop heaven:



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