Tracks + Videos: Björk “Crystalline” (preview)

First things first: here at A First Class Riot we are huge Björk admirers. That said, it is totally ok to freak out a bit about this preview of her new single, a song called “Crystalline” that is due to be released by the end of June. The tricky part is that we get the hear the snippet of the track while Björk blasts it on her car’s stereo, which leaves us a) clearly wishing she had a better sound system installed on her car, and b) very worried that we’re sitting on the backseat of a vehicle that is being driven by Björk. We kid, we kid. If anything, the new album she is about to unfold (called “Biophillia”, which means love of life or living systems) seems like one of the most exciting and innovative ideas the pop landscape has seen in ages. Always the pioneer of nature-meets-techno, Björk’s new album sets out to explore the parallels of the ever-evolving technological landscape and the natural landscape around us. The record will not only have a regular cd release but it will also be sold as the first ever iPad album, with each song presented as a singular interactive app. To complete this multimedia exuberance there’s already a new video shot by Michel Gondry and a live show that she’ll premiere in Manchester towards the end of June. For the stage presentation of “Biophillia” she commissioned the creation of a few ancient instruments fused with MIDI controllers, allowing her to play them on stage via computer. These are indeed exciting times for any Björk fan to look forward to. But for now, enjoy your trip with Björk on the road to “Crystalline”.



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