Tracks + Videos: Teen Daze “Surface”

These days you can find tons of great indie bands releasing their material on tumblr, a sort of fast-forward blog platform that somehow makes perfect sense in the short-attention spam age we live in. That’s where we found Teen Daze (aka Jamison), a Vancouver based artist with a keen ear for dreamy synth-pop, who’s releasing a new track called Surface as the appetizer for an upcoming EP named A Silent Planet (to be released in August via Waaga Records). The creative process behind these recordings is described as a mixture of different experiences from Teen Daze’s past year: studying philosophy in a remote village in the Swiss Alps, and, most importantly, reading a C. S. Lewis science-fiction novel on encountering new planets, a book that inspired this artist to create a 6 song EP that serves as a sort of personal soundtrack to the story. There is for sure a feeling of cosmic discovery and adventure in Surface, a song gorgeously filled with heavy reverb and delay all over the soothing synths, the gentle guitar strumming and the incomprehensible lyrics that tumble over themselves. It all blends perfectly and, as the promotional image featured above this text might suggest, you can’t help to think of meditating while watching a red sunset somewhere on undiscovered land.



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