Tracks + Videos: The-Dream “Body Work x Fuck My Brains Out”

Always one to give new meanings to the concept of epicness, The-Dream has just released what seems like the first single from his forthcoming album L. IV: Diary of a Madman, scheduled for release next fall… and instead of just a standard track, we get a 10-minute electro-soul freaky symphony that, in practice, is two separated songs joined together by that “x” of the title. The first half, Body Work, is a slow-motion bedroom jam with sizzling synths and reverb-tinged beats, where The-Dream is in full-seduction mode, using his trademark falsetto to conquer his girl: “I wanna see that body work“, he says. Then halfway things change and the tempo goes up, and we get to the second track, Fuck My Brains Out. Here, The-Dream puts on his best Prince mask – and we all know that currently no one does that mask better than him -, creating an electro banger with funky guitars and more sizzling synths. Again, the results are dazzling and also a quite-literal translation of that title, leaving us über-excited for autumn, when that fourth full-length opus will finally arrive.



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