Tracks + Videos: Beach Fossils “Adversity”

Here’s a great track from Beach Fossils, an indie rock band from Brooklyn who have an EP out called “What a Pleasure”. They did a video for “Adversity” shot by Ian Perlman in collaboration with Urban Outfitters and it looks really really great, timeless if you will. We’re loving the track over here: gentle guitar lines, detached and mellow vocals, quiet drums and an overall feeling of (oh so enjoyable) lazy summer days. Let’s enjoy this one for a bit shall we?



2 responses to “Tracks + Videos: Beach Fossils “Adversity”

  1. i have this album (or ep), but i didn’t know what the boys look like. they made me think of a school class in which the drums (the band) are the cooler, more careless, more arrogant, chased by girls, and beach fossils are the ones with better grades, more solid family background, more study oriented, who try to follow the rebel hipster trend secretly admiring the drums.
    this was just an image that came to my mind based on looks. musically they’re not the same and both bands are good.

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