Tracks + Videos: Metronomy “The Bay”

UK synth-pop wizards Metronomy are bringing a new single out on July 6th from their acclaimed “English Riviera” album. Here’s the summer extravagant video for “The Bay”, totally taking the concept of the riviera up a few notches with the band performing in posh white suits, surrounded by sexy models and cruising the roads in an open top car. Loving the sense of humor on this one, with the visuals totally giving a new read into what was already an incredible track.



5 responses to “Tracks + Videos: Metronomy “The Bay”

  1. such clean-pure-almost aseptic sounds on this album. in a good sense. and this video looks the same. irresistible. love it. as i love the whole album.

    you may have the lolly-pop-body

  2. Hey Stefan,

    It does sound incredible, very sharp and simple but in a good (great) way. And the video is great fun as well!
    I have this on repeat today on my iPod! 😉


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