Tracks + Videos: Lady Gaga “The Edge of Glory”

The new Lady Gaga video is out, this time for the super radio-friendly “The Edge of Glory”. But oh wait, there aren’t 12 dancers flying around her? No costume changes? No complex and indecipherable storyline? What the hell is going on here? It seems that the Lady decided to do a simple performance video and, while many are saying it looks rushed and too simplistic, we think this is actually a nice change for her. The video seems to live only on her performance and energy and it ends up being very enjoyable to watch her rock out to her own track. There aren’t many tricks and smoky mirrors in this one, just a good performer giving it all for the camera. Still, we’re hearing this wasn’t the original idea. Gaga hired Joseph Kahn to direct “The Edge of Glory” but they had an argument on set and Kahn ended up quitting the job (or getting fired, depending on which side you want to believe). The video was directed by The Haus of Gaga team and well, it looks rather good. Anyone else feeling a Michael Jackson vibe from “The Way You Make Me Feel” video? Super cool!



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