Records: KING “The Story EP”

A new trio based in Los Angeles, KING are Paris, Amber and Anita, who met by coincidence in Boston… Magic was instantly felt in the air, so they decided to make music from that moment on and live happily ever after. Ok, so we don’t actually know if things really turned out like that on their first encounter, but these songs have such a fairytale quality on them that it’s easy to let our minds fly a bit and imagine fantasy myths about how these three ladies came together.
What we do know is that, with just three tracks, The Story EP is a very promising self-produced debut for this new project. Like a journey through the history of soul music, their work seems like a consolidation of many decades of sounds, looking at a huge past legacy with eyes that are definitely modern – and the proof of that modernity is the fact that the influences are definitely there but so blurred to the point of being completely unperceptive. And yet… everything feels instantly classic.
With gorgeous harmonies, elegant electronic sounds and subtle psychedelic elements, this is soul music that doesn’t scream to impose itself. But it doesn’t have to. With the creation of such a rich and intricate aural landscape, together with all those beautiful vibes felt everywhere, these songs have “timeless” written all over them already. (7,5/10)



4 responses to “Records: KING “The Story EP”

  1. nice experience. i pressed play, didn’t really like the first seconds, but let it play and started doing something else. after 2-3 minutes i forgot what i was listening to, but a very sweet sound and voices touched my ears. and i really liked it after all.

    • Hi Stefan! Yes, i had a very similar experience, during the first moments the music seemed a bit anonymous, but i kept on listening and ended up liking it a lot. Always a pleasure to read your comments 🙂 Best, Pedro.

  2. I LOVE these ladies. Their music is truly original and organic and comfortable like Grandma’s quilts.

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