Records: Dynasty Electric “Golden Arrows”

Here’s a new band that’s been brought to our attention lately, a Brooklyn underground duo called Dynasty Electric formed by front-woman/power vocalist Jenny Electrik and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Seth Misterka. Their sound seems to mix a lot of different influences from psychedelic rock, punk and electronica, without ever denying the massive appeal of a pop song, falling somewhere between the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blondie, Jefferson Airplane and Goldfrapp (Jenny’s sultry vocals are not too far away from Alison Goldfrapp’s). Listening to their new album, called “Golden Arrows”, you can clearly see how comfortable they are experimenting all over the musical map, whether it is composing great electro art-rock tunes such as the album’s title track (great use of the fuzz bass) or creating digital-cabaret moments as in the utterly gorgeous “Bird Song”. While you can see how well-crafted the production is (multi-layered and full on detail and energy) it’s singer Jenny Electrik’s voice that draws you in, giving all the electronic backdrop its missing soul. As an album, “Golden Arrows” is a bit of an intense experience, one where the energy is so explosive for most of the record that you can’t help but get infected by it. We’ve been reading how great they sound live and can’t wait to be able to catch them perform anytime soon.



4 responses to “Records: Dynasty Electric “Golden Arrows”

  1. like it. gonna search for the album.
    would fit right in ‘the alternative nation’ on 90’s MTV. along with 90’s pj harvey.
    thought it was gaga in the picture. gaga faces are trendy too 🙂

    and talking about 90’s female idols, if courtney love had been born 20 years later, i think her music would sound like this> i love this ema

  2. Their sound is pretty cool, and I agree, totally 90’s “Mtv Alternative Nation” show! Oh I miss that show, and the time where Mtv used to be a music channel…

    Will check out EMA, funny you mentioned Courtney Love because a few weeks ago I’ve been obsessing over the “Live Though This” album!


  3. yes, mtv’s alternative nation used to set the pace for me back then.

    i will always love courtney: voice, style, even her incoherent (but intelligent) tirades. aww, live through this. i listened to that album so many times, that i think i could do a perfect lip synch even now, after more than 10 years :))
    and this>>

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