Rewind: Late Of The Pier “Fantasy Black Channel” (2008)

After almost two years of intense hype-building, a first self-released record (Zarcorp Demo) and jumping on and off the nu-rave bandwagon, Fantasy Black Channel finally arrived in 2008, confirming that there was much more to these four Nottingham guys than just being the latest fashionable band. With a very important hand from producer Erol Alkan, this was a glorious collection of songs that further explored their trademarks (twisted structures applied to catchy anthemic lines), while also adding a vibrant confidence to their energetic world that was truly addictive. With a wide range of influences that went from glam rock to space electro or synth pop, they managed to build a whole new parallel universe using a healthy portion of modern paranoia mixed with an infectious dose of youthful enthusiasm.
Neo-glam-synth-electro-rave-trash-pop? “Music to have asthma to”? Yes, Late Of The Pier lived in a place of their own and that was a hell of a non-stop futuristic party thing to be in. And Bathroom Gurgle stays as the Bohemian Rhapsody of a whole new generation.



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