Tracks + Videos: Björk “Crystalline”

Björk’s campaign for her Biophilia project continues in full force and after getting a short glimpse of its first single some weeks ago (being played in a car driven by the Icelandic goddess herself), we can finally hear Crystalline in full, just in time for her Manchester residency which will start this week. With an exquisite melody and the repetition of a minimal keyboard line ad infinitum, this is probably one of her least immediate first-single choices to date, but don’t let that fact mislead you. As cerebral as her music usually is – and Crystalline is the epitome of that -, there’s always something so cleverly done that we can’t help but get awestruck and, paradoxically, react emotionally to what we hear. This time it’s the way the track seems to build a hidden tension in its electronic beats, a suspicion that is confirmed in the final 50 seconds, where everything finally explodes and the track literally loses its shit. Yes, she is back, with a bang, and we are officially hooked to hear more.



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