Tracks + Videos: The Sound Of Arrows “Magic”

Originally from 2009, Magic now gets a subtle facelift and is re-released as the next single taken from The Sound Of Arrows’ still-to-come debut album… and more than two years later, the song keeps intact its, well, magical attributes. A synth-pop number with a lot of nostalgia infused, there’s even a choir of children in its chorus to complete its total cuteness. This nostalgia is now taken to new heights in Magic‘s gorgeous video, where two kids wake up to find that everyone else has disappeared and they are all alone by themselves. And what do they do, you may ask? Get scared and cry? Of course not: they actually get happier than ever and have the time of their lives, going on a journey to find out that there is a lot of beauty out there in the world. And when running in empty fields and playing with each other, they are soon joined by other kids and discover a cast of sweet fantasy creatures, while carrying torches expelling colorful smoke. This is when the video reaches its zenith and becomes an immense ode to all things innocent. Or, in other words, a trip back to a perfect childhood where imagination has wings to fly with no limits.



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