Rewind: These New Puritans “Hidden” (2010)

Tomorrow These New Puritans will be playing at the Alive! festival in Lisbon and we’ll surely be there on the first row, so that seems like a good excuse to go back into their fantastic sophomore album. Released in the beginning of 2010, Hidden was a true beast of its own, inventing a dense and grandiose sound that seemed genuinely new and like nothing ever heard before. In this record the band took elements from surprising and, until then, quite unrelated sources – like reverberating drums, choral harmonies, grime rhythms, dissonant keyboards, disturbing choirs, thunderous tribal drums, infectiously apocalyptic keyboard lines, and more classical instruments like horns, oboes or pianos -, only to end up creating an unique conceptual universe, one which might have been challenging to enter at first but that ended up being totally worth the effort. And actually, the word “beast” is still a very appropriate one to describe this dark universe, with all the ceremonious vibes that came from it, like some sort of black magic voodoo, or pagan tribal rituals, to be equally fascinated by and scared of.
With their model looks and Hedi Slimane endorsements, these four guys had all the hype and whatever else was necessary to become a reference for a whole generation, if they ever had that ambition. But in Hidden, they did the unexpected: basically, sending out a big fuck off to all of that and making a fierce creative statement on their own terms, one that blended antagonic worlds like classical and rock music, minimalism and baroque, the ancient and the futuristic. And it paid off.



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