Swedish week: Erik Hassle “Stay Away”

This week in A First Class Riot we’ll be highlighting a few new songs coming from Sweden, and what better way to start than with a new video from our beloved Erik Hassle? On our radar ever since the steamy Hurtful video appeared more than two years ago, this Swedish heartthrob hasn’t disappointed us ever since, giving us song after song of emo-pop perfection with a Scandinavian flavor. Taken from his latest – and fantastic – EP Mariefred Sessions, in which Erik collaborates with Jocke Berg and Martin Sköld from rock band Kent, Stay Away is a touching and viciously catchy anthem, with some not-so-small tidbits of nostalgia thrown in for good measure. Those tidbits are now expanded in its video, which consists of old footage from his own family, taking us on a travel to his personal childhood memories. And that is basically the epitome of everything we love about him: nothing sounds fake, everything feels 100% sincere and coming from deep within his heart.



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