Swedish week: Eric Saade “Hearts In The Air”

Our Swedish week special takes a slight turn into all things cheesy today, with this new single from Eric Saade, who represented Sweden in this year’s Eurovision festival (he ended up in 3rd place, fact fans). This is now Eric’s big attempt on breaking into the international market, and with the exception of a completely unnecessary guest appearance from rapper J-Son, this song ticks all the right boxes, in a charmingly goofy kind of way. An unashamedly feel-good pop number with an infectiously catchy and fun chorus, this is also another addition to the long list of self-empowerment anthems that have been popping up lately (Firework, Born This Way, Run The World (Girls), Raise Your GlassWe R Who We R…). But as manufactured as Hearts In The Air sounds (and it does, a lot), it’s also one of the freshest of the lot, mainly because of its completely unpretentious attitude. And as an excuse, we do feel some (very subtle) Robyn-similarities in its electronic arrangements.



One response to “Swedish week: Eric Saade “Hearts In The Air”

  1. haha! this swedish ricky martin… that’s what happens when swedes want to sound american/international. they shouldn’t. we saw/heard the fail (in my opinion) of frankmusik’s fascination with america and american producers.

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