Swedish week: Killabite “Follow Me Home”

Our Swedish week keeps on at full force, but with a little twist: Killabite may be signed to Universal Sweden but their hometown is actually Los Angeles. However, since they make flawless pop songs that have a distinct Scandinavian flavor to it, it’s more or less easy to understand why they are most successful with our nordic friends. Their first official single is Follow Me Home, a track co-written and produced by two super-Swedes (Axwell and Alexander Kronlund) which feels like a little piece of electro-dream-pop, with its analog synthesizers, innocent vocals and slightly wonky lyrics, inspired by common-life things such as alien abductions and paranormal activity. And to everyone that has a thing for vintage robots: there are tons of them in the video, having a party, drinking a lot, throwing up and basically being super cool as only vintage robots can be, so don’t miss it.
(Side fact: one of the two members of Killabite – choBOT – has done backing vocals on Britney’s Femme Fatale album. How cool is that?)



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