Rewind: Khonnor “Handwriting” (2004)

A 17-year-old kid locked inside his room, alone with his thoughts and secretly putting them on a tape-recorder without his parent’s knowledge… how many times have we heard this story? Apparently not enough, and the fact is that the apparent-naivety and fragility of this self-made music ended up touching more than a few souls, including ours. Entering the intimacy of his world was like walking into a secret and illusive place loaded with quiet reverb and illuminated by just a few subtle phosphorescent lights, and basically feeling privileged – and comforted – to be inside it. And in there, we found everything that makes us all human, from trivia to no-sense to non-understandable-but-still-heartfelt emotions. So you want to be spoilt now? Click the play button below and have a listen to one of our favourite albums ever.



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