Tracks + Videos: Björk “Cosmogony”

A new song has been unveiled from Biophilia, Björk’s highly anticipated new album/multimedia extravaganza due out in September. Cosmogony is described as the central theme from the project and it might just be as close as it gets to what the creation of the universe could have sounded like in the form of music. From the crescendo vocals at the very beginning of the song to the anthemic brass section and the purity of Björk’s voice, it’s rather interesting how everything about Cosmogony seems to suggest the idea of origin. It comes of as a beautiful lullaby to the universe and we are left feeling that, maybe finally, Björk has been able to perfectly translate into a song her relentless search for the ultimate connection between nature and humanity. That said, the antecipation for the Biophilia album is out of the roof right now.

A note from Björk (via facebook):
I want to ask you a favour : ppllleeeasseeeeee ?!! If you listen to Cosmogony, do it with headphones. It has its bottomhalf missing otherwise … warmth , Björk



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