Tracks + Videos: Oh Land “Sun of a Gun”

Meet Nanna Øland Fabricius, a singer and songwriter better known for her artistic name Oh Land. Erupting directly from Copenhagen into the pop stratosphere, this intriguing, almost statuesque-like beauty, has been crafting electropop songs since 2008 when she released her debut album Fauna on danish independent label Fake Diamond. She then got a chance to play at the SXSW festival in 2009 and got signed in the US by Epic Records as a result of that performance. This year she released her critically-acclaimed second album (called simply Oh Land), a collection of songs inspired by the feeling of isolation she gets when being on the road, and the restlessness of not really having a home besides being wherever you are at the moment. The record was completed in Brooklyn, where she now lives, and its sound has garnered her a lot of comparisons to other out of the box female acts such as Lykke Li, Feist and even the goddess almighty that is Björk (she lists her Homogenic album as a great source of inspiration). With tv performances on major late night shows such as Letterman or Kimmel, over 10 million views on youtube and a giant buzz on the blogosphere, Oh Land seems ready to take over the world. The music video for her (addictive) Sun of a Gun song is nothing but sexy and intriguing, switching stylishly between two characters, one dark and mysterious, the other pink and flirtatious. Maybe they are simply the two sides of the same coin, something not that hard to believe if you listen closely to the cold lyrics being laid over this snappy and catchy electropop tune.



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