Tracks + Videos: Big History “Wardrum”

Time to introduce Big History, a six-piece band from New Orleans that have an outstanding single out right now called Wardrum. While the backbone of the song comes clearly from a dance/electronica arena, what is really impressive about this track is how effectively it ranges from gentleness and intimacy to total adrenaline explosion, with the band crafting a distinctive and edgy pop sound that pours from synths, laptops and guitars. And, most importantly, on top of every hypnotic synth line you get to enjoy the gorgeous smoky vocals of lead singer Meg Roussel giving this hazy moody track a very strong identity. On a side note, we would like to point out that the multi-talented wonderboy that is called Japayork (who we talked about here) is co-managing the band and working on their styling and visuals. This is clearly a project that is about to blow up and we can’t wait to hear more from them. Stream Wardrum below or download the track here.



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