Tracks + Videos: Will Young “Jealousy”

We do have a thing for well-manufactured pop music here at A First Class Riot, and when it comes crafted by the best producers and writers out there, then you know we’ll be first in line to hear the results. So it’s with great expectation that we’re waiting for the next album from the original Pop Idol winner, Mr. Will Young, a work which will be entirely produced by Richard X (Annie, M.I.A., Róisín Murphy, Rachel Stevens, Goldfrapp…). Jealousy, its first single, is pure-pop-gold, with its fusion of electronic and dance elements, and the subtle use of dreamy synths, serving as background to a flawless melody that hints a lot to the more melancholic side of things. It all sounds very controlled, but with an underlined tension that is further explored in its acrobatics-heavy video. In it, Will is lusting for a boy that is (probably) out of his league, something that, apparently, makes him feel hurt. And slightly mad. And looking a bit like a scary-stalker. No more Mr-Nice-Guy? Watch below.



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