Chromeo feat. Solange Knowles “When The Night Falls”

Let’s kick start the week with the addictive new wave/ electro-funk beats from Chromeo’s new single When The Night Falls. The track is one of the highlights from their latest album, called Business Casual, and it features vocals from Solange Knowles (that’s right, Beyonce’s über cool young sister who has made quite an interesting name for herself by collaborating with a lot of underground DJ’s and bands – remember this one with Teophilus London?). If the song is pure fun, the video takes it up a few notches by showing the band playing at a club while lead singer Dave 1 gets all the girls in the audience pregnant with his sexy vibe and suggestive glance (beware ladies, you look at him and BAM, you’re pregnant). Eventually the girls become some sort of zombie-like fans chasing the band, the guys get stuck in an elevator and the video turns into an european film with english subtitles (!!!). Lot’s of valid questions come to mind: are they making girls pregnant with their music? Could an earplug work as contraceptive? Does this reflect a bit of a scare about of the idea of impending parenthood? Why is Dave sleeping with his clothes on? Ok, less questioning, more watching.



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