Florence and The Machine “What The Water Gave Me”

Florence Welch and her band have released the lead track to what will be the follow up to their hugely successful debut album Lungs and, as expected, the song is sounding massive indeed. What The Water Gave Me seems to encapsulate all the elements that make their sound so unique (the clever mixture of blues and gospel, the celebratory dark ambiences, the harp flourishes, Welch’s epic singing), while actually taking it in a more sophisticated direction. The track is named after a painting by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and the slightly heartbreaking lyrics also echo the death of author Virginia Woolf, who drowned herself in a river by filling her coat pockets with stones. Florence’s yet untitled sophomore album is now in it’s mastering stages and it was entirely produced with Paul Epworth, the man behind her emblematic Cosmic Love track. Out November 7th.



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