Marina & The Diamonds “Radioactive”

The second part of Marina & The Diamonds Electra Heart series (that we talked about here) comes out with a bang. Radioactive marks a clear departure from her indie-pop experiments of the past, taking her sound into full-boom pop perfection. The track was co-produced with hitmaker team Stargate and listening to all the banging beats and hot synths we can only say that if she was looking for a hit, well, Stargate just gave her a hell of a big one. Still, what’s interesting about this song is that Marina’s identity is not at all drowned in the production, if anything her unique dramatic singing is what gives the song its own strenght.
If the first part of this story (the gloomy Fear & Loathing) showed the gorgeous brunette trapped alone in a hotel room overlooking the city, cutting off her own hair as if stripping away her identity, this second video seems to mark the moment of freedom. She embarks on a road trip into the heart of America, while causing all sorts of chaos in the company of a rather handsome gentleman and showing off a gorgeously fake blond wig (let there be no doubts: Marina goes mainstream!).
The album is still being produced but she recently gave out some hints that it might indeed be called Electra Heart: “I’ve been working hard on my new album for a year and a half and hope Radioactive can tide you over until it’s ready. I’d love to introduce you all to something soon. An Ancient Greek tragedy, old Hollywood fantasy… Electra Heart.”



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