Lana Del Rey “Video Games”

Here is Lana Del Rey, a 24 year old  singer and songwriter from New York that has been blowing everyone’s mind after posting on youtube the clip for her intriguing debut single called Video Games. In total DIY fashion, the video was shot by Del Rey herself and it comes clearly as sign of its own times: she is seen singing directly into her own webcam, alternating those performance cuts with archival footage of TMZ-style drunk Hollywood starlets, skateboarder kids bruising themselves while doing tricks and flickering American flags erupting on the screen. A clever mixture of images that show a slice of America in all its self-destructive glamour, an aesthetic that works perfectly with the sound that is being delivered here. And really, what a sound! Taking her notes from the style of Nancy Sinatra (Lana describes herself as the “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” and her music as “Hollywood Sadcore”), Video Games is nothing but an impressive piece of dark orchestral pop, filled with somber nostalgia and beautifully haunting, suffering vocals. It helps that the singer in question is actually quite good, able to effortlessly move you with her low, vintage tone while delivering the heartbreaking words of a dark love story as seen through hopeful eyes. This is clearly worthy of all the atention it is getting and we’ll be looking forward to hear Lana’s debut album and see what collection of songs she has in store for us. Video Games will be released as a 7″ single on October 9 by Stranger Records.



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