Lana Del Rey “Blue Jeans”

We just recently highlighted her Video Games song here but now there’s also a clip to the b-side of Lana Del Rey’s forthcoming 7″ single. Blue Jeans is the track and it seems to take another bite into the “Hollywood sadcore” music genre, the new buzz term that is being used all over the blogosphere thanks to this young singer. There’s hints of soul, hints of sixties orchestrations, hints of Lykke Li, a bit of Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game thrown in as well and, in essence, an overall feeling of old-Hollywood meets modern-chic that is undeniably seductive and fresh. And still, in the middle of all the Nancy Sinatra vibe and all that ghetto-fabulous jewelry, we can’t really place Lana Del Rey in any category yet. As for now, let’s just say she is one of the most exciting singers to keep our eyes on.



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