Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna “Fly”

Following her biggest success to date (the super catchy Super Bass), here’s the new video from Nicki Minaj, this one also featuring the one and only Rihanna. The scenarios may seem huge and taken from a post-apocalypse movie, but in the end it all looks like just an excuse for a showcase of over-the-edge clothes and expensive hairdos from them both… which, considering who they are, works just fine for us (smart comment from a youtube user: “only Nicki Minaj can shape her hair like Marge Simpson and look cool”). There are also some brief moments of an attack by a group of ninjas… and of course that Nicki, being the bad-ass girl that she is, kicks the shit out of them. For this reason or another – we don’t exactly know and probably never will -, the sun appears in the end and the flowers start blossoming. Ah, the joys of being able to change the world just by looking awesome…



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