Salem “King Night”

It was this exact same song that got us hooked on Salem and the whole witch house concept more than one year ago, with its narcotic beats, slowed-down rave-y synths and a general sense of suffocating hugeness. A sense that now gets other developments in this brand new video directed by Theo Wenner. Set on a highway, there’s not much human presence in here, as we follow an anonymously-driven truck on its journey. It’s a simple idea set beautifully due in part to the way the camera captures the lights around, including the neon ones decorating the truck. In the end, a happy case of perfect marriage between sound and images. And if, at first glance, not much else happens on screen – besides that enigmatic ending -, the track adds a profound sense of epicness… and we can’t help but feeling that what we’re seeing is, indeed, the journey of a lifetime.



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