Björk “Moon”

There is a new video taken from Björk’s upcoming Biophilia album, this time for the song Moon. After the Michel Gondry collaboration for the first single, Crystalline, Moon sees Björk reuniting with other usual partners in crime when it comes to visuals: photography power couple Inez Van Lamsweerde + Vinoodh Matadin, and the graphic design virtuosos at M/M Paris studio (both teams have been behind Björk’s visual incarnations for the last 10 years). The new video uses footage from the über-gorgeous album cover photoshoot, with Björk singing directly to the camera, playing her little harp corset while syncopated images of the moon flash on screen. It’s beautiful and intriguing at the same time, just like we want Björk to be.
On other Biophilia-related news, the app box seems to be now completed but Björk took a step back to analyze all the music, and while still feeling that the acoustic vibe of the songs works perfectly with the app environment, she decided to delay the album release for a few weeks to re-edit the tracks for the cd version. In her own words:
“After humongous and fun adventurous work with the app builders we handed in the music for the app box last May. I felt sonically it fitted that underworld of apps and virtual reality like a glove, kind of acoustic and clean with a slick dark sub but somehow the CD needed more blood and muscles, oxygen and stuff. I felt the album had different growth potential than the app box and it is important to follow those hunches even though they are slippery and you don’t know sometimes where they are taking you”. And there you have it, straight from Queen-B’s mouth. Will Biophilia, the cd, take a more rich and electronic direction? Let’s wait until October to find out.



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