The Echo Vamper “Lover”

The Echo Vamper is a duo formed by real life couple Iza Mortag Freund and James Brook. She comes from Denmark, he comes from England and together they create a sort of new wave rock sound that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. Their first single is called Lover and it combines the raw “fuck you” attitude of Freund’s vocals with a hard-hitting drum machine beat, while a Rolling Stones style of guitar riff loops allover the track. The vocals steal the show, sounding like a combination of every cool rock front woman that there ever was (think a cross between Debbie Harry, Nina Hagen and Courtney Love –  not bad at all in our book!). There’s a feeling here of old rock n’ roll combined with modern electronica that is quite enjoyable, and, in the end, this is simply a hell of an explosive debut single that should not be missed. Check out the video below for a sexy and dark strobe-light experience.



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