Florence & The Machine: “Shake It Out”

Shake It Out is the first single from Florence + The Machine’s much anticipated new album Cerimonials (out October 31st). If you’re looking for a major evolution from the vibe of her previous Lungs songs you might be a bit disappointed. Instead, this is a song that sees Florence Welch consolidate her own sound using all the usual elements we’ve come to associate with her band, erecting one massively anthemic track about liberation that is sure to please fans everywhere. Let’s not forget that this is the first single from the sophomore album of one of the most successful acts of the last years so, yes, the pressure is on. Shake It Out is probably the hit song that she couldn’t create before recording her debut album and being on the road for so much time. It sounds like a signature track from an artist that might have found her own language and is not afraid to celebrate that. Still, judging from the excellent buzz single What The Water Gave Me (that we talked about here), Welch seems to have a lot of weapons at her disposal and we cannot wait to hear the new collection of songs. As for the video for Shake It Out, it sees the song turned into the theme for a house party at some decadent castle, featuring a cast of extras that was probably unemployed since those early 90’s Annie Lennox videos. Or as Florence herself describes the video, “a psychedelic 1920’s dress party with a demonic twist”. Sounds like fun, can we get an invitation please?



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