Breton “Edward The Confessor”

Breton is a collective from east-London that’s exploding everywhere with their unique audio and visual offerings, eventually being tipped as one of the top bands to watch out for in 2012. Formed by a mixture of musicians and indie film makers, they have already collaborated with some heavy names such as Penguin Prison or Tricky, being assigned a wide range of projects from sound design pieces to experimental videos and remixes. Their east-London studio is named BretonLABS and represents the center of creativity for the six multimedia/multi-intrumentalists members of the band, who formed only in 2010 but have already three EP’s. Early 2012 will bring us their first album but this November they’re releasing their first single called “Edward The Confessor” (video below), a track recorded after a conversation taking place between two strangers on the topic of immigration and the frustration of surviving in a foreign country. The song is a complex, busy piece of music using an amalgamation of sonic effects aiming to drain your senses, yet cleverly never actually exhausting you or loosing any actual sense of melody. The overall result is this dark industrial masterpiece, somewhere between noise-pop and electronica, while mixing all sorts of details in between (check out those little harp flourishes in middle of all the apparent chaos). The video for “Edward The Confessor” was shot by BretonLABS in collaboration with photographer and film-maker Niall O’Brian, using footage shot at 1000 frames per second of four kids on a council estate in London (from O’Brian’s Anger exhibition). This is definitely a band/project we’ll be keeping our eyes on.



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