Patrick Wolf “Together”

Here is Patrick Wolf’s video for the new single Together, one of the best cuts from his recent Lupercalia album. This is actually one of our favorites from the (wolf) pack, a sort of cosmopolitan ode to love’s triumph that is ingeniously co-produced with Alec Empire, who filled the song with a beautifully dark synth line played against operatic voices and the most exuberant string arrangement ever put on a pop track since the 70’s. As for the video, we could probably say that this is the best Patrick Wolf promo so far: it is visually stunning (even intriguing) and one of his most sophisticated productions yet. All of the Lupercalia videos have been excellent actually, there seems to be a lot of investment from Mercury Records on this album, and rightly so we say. But on even more exciting news, next December 4 Mr. Wolf will be releasing an EP called Brumalia (named after a pagan celebration of winter) with Together as the lead single and 6 other new tracks recorded and programmed by Patrick himself. Good times indeed.



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