Goldfrapp “Yellow Hallo”

Goldfrapp are announcing the release of their first best-of collection (called The Singles) and the great news is they recorded two brand new tracks to go in it. Yellow Halo is the lead single and its luscious minimal electronica is classic Goldfrapp (think Felt Mountain / Seventh Tree), with Alison’s voice sounding as beautiful and aural as ever. There’s a bit of a dreamy vibe to the song and the video seems to translate that rather well, using a sequence of images captured on the road during the band’s last tour. As for the album, it seems to encapsulate the first 10 years of Alison and Will’s joint venture with their most emblematic tracks, even if we can’t help but thinking that some of duo’s best songs were not necessarily singles. The chosen tracklist is below:

Ooh La La
Number 1
Strict Machine (Single Mix)
Lovely Head
Utopia (Genetically Enriched)
Happiness (Single Version)
Ride A White Horse (Single Version)
Black Cherry
Yellow Halo
Melancholy Sky



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