Breton “Blanket Rule EP”

We talked about London’s very own Breton here when their gigantic Edward The Confessor song was released so now we’d like to direct your attention to a free EP the band is making available on their facebook page. It works as a sort of taste of things to come regarding their LP scheduled to be released next month and it sure gets them on everyone’s radar (a free EP? get out of here!). Well sometimes what comes for free is not necessarily good but rest your hearts because that is not what is going on here. This 5 tracker is actually VERY interesting and it kind of makes you salivate a bit for that debut album. It kicks off with Ordnance Survey, a joyous, spacious metronomic dance track with hand claps thrown in for good measure (addictive!), quickly followed by a cool, jazzy, bass-driven song called Certain Little Facts that is nothing but delicious. Sandpaper is also an highlight here, an 8-bit infused track that might sound crazy and cacophonic at first but that ends up making perfect sense. We’re hooked. Now bring on that debut album because we’re ready.

Download here.



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