Madonna “Give Me All Your Luvin'”

After a 3 year musical break Madonna returns to the center of the dancefloor with a new single that precedes her much anticipated Super Bowl half-time concert (happening this sunday in Indianapolis) as well as the release of her MDNA album scheduled for March. Give Me All Your Luvin’ is the name of the new song and it takes direct cues from the universe of american football to create one straightforward unapologetic moment of pure pop perfection. There are cheerleader chants just about everywhere on this track (courtesy of hot combo Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.), huge drumrolls, handclaps, the irresistible sense of fun a of a swinging sixties pop song and a gorgeous accoustic breakdown that would make Karen Carpenter proud. All of this under Martin Solveig’s modern and sharp electro production (those hectic synths sound great!) and Madonna’s delicious high pitched vocals. It is, for sure, one of the most solid and fun moments she has produced since the 80’s and a great intro to an album that has been described as a good mixture of light/fun tracks and dark/introspective numbers. As for the video, it premiered just today on youtube and it has already cause quite an impression (her new album is number 1 in 47 out of the 49 countries where it is available for pre-order). It works as a sort of mini musical comedy, almost cartoonish, where football players and cheerleaders seem to guard Madonna from just about everything. Sometimes dark (faceless cheerleaders kissing in a bar?), extremely camp, and always entertaining. And actually one of this artist’s best videos yet.



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