Marina & The Diamonds “Homewrecker”

It’s been ages since Marina gave us an update on her Electra Heart project. It started out as something that sounded quite adventurous (with two buzz singles that we already talked about here, Fear & Loathing and Radioactive) but for a moment there the whirlwind seemed to die a bit and, truth to be told, no one really knew what happened to the project. Was it ever going to see the light of the day? Are there any more banging tracks like Radioactive? Is Marina still a blonde? The answers are yes, yes and yes. Fear not little diamonds, a new Electra Heart song is here and it’s a killer. Homewrecker is the title and it’s filled with all the elements we’ve come to love about this artist: the over dramatic vocals, the dark hearted lyrics and an overall sense of “look at how many fucks I give” that is too punk for pop to handle (even if confined to a perfectly crafted pop track). While this is merely an album track and it might miss the thumping magic of Radioactive, Homewrecker works perfectly into making us yearn a bit more for that new album (set to be released on April 30). Bring it on Marina, bring it on.



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