Wild At Heart “Darling”

As you may already have noticed, we’re not exactly shy on hyperboles here at A First Class Riot, so excuse us if we say that this is already a strong contender for the best song of 2012 poll, but it sure looks like it. Produced by synth-pop ambassadores The Sound Of Arrows, Darling is the brand new effort from Wild At Heart, a Swedish duo with a very-David-Lynch-inspired name, and formerly known as Cleat Eatwood. Sparkling colourful synths, gorgeous melody, immaculate production,  cute lyrics, dreamy atmosphere, bigger-than-life vibes… is there any box of perfection that this song doesn’t tick? Probably not… so basically, if you don’t fall into pieces when first hearing it, then you probably have no feelings left whatsoever. That’s really how good this songs is. (and oops, there goes another hyperbole there).



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