Lana Del Rey “National Anthem”

Lana Del Rey’s public persona has been one that cleverly mixes vintage nostalgia with modern swag, a fantasy living somewhere between the past and the present. It’s an intelligent construction that works not only as a global image but also as a sort of sonicscape that sounds in equal parts retro and new. Del Rey has released a string of iconic music videos but it’s her new National Anthem clip that seems to encapsulate the best everything about her brand. Inspired by the love affair between John Kennedy and Jacqueline Onassis, this Anthony Mandler 8 minute video fills a story about love and tragedy with idyllic imagery, hip hop bling (that’s rapper A$AP Rocky turned modern day JFK) and vintage America nostalgia. It’s beautifully shot, the cinematography is jaw dropping and Lana Del Rey’s acting is compelling. Easily her best video to date and quite possible the best video of 2012 so far.



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